The Potato Harvest Jig

Music by Sheena Hilleary
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Music: JIG TIME - 32 bars (such as Hamilton House).

Sets of at least ten couples.
Numbering down the set: one, two; one, two; etc.
Do not number the second bottom couple of the set as a number one.
Every other couple starts - except the second couple from the bottom of the set.

  Bars   Representing
(A) 1-4 All hold hands down each side. Shuffle right and shuffle left back again. The Growing Crop
  5-8 All swing partners Haulm Pulverisation
(B) 9-12 Right hand 'Tea-pot' of four Spinning the crop out of the ground
  13-16 Left hand 'Tea-pot' of four Into trailers
(C) 17-20 Only the number ones please down the middle Harvest and storage
  21-24 and back Marketing
(D) 25-26 Set to first corners Preparation and cooking
  27-28 Swing first corners  
  29-30 Set to second corners Eating
  31-32 Swing second corners (Yum Yum!)
  (Finish between the two corners you have just danced with and restart from there)
When each dancing couple arrives at the second bottom place in the set, you can only do (A), (B) and (C) above. When you arrive back at the bottom of the set, you have finished.
Now you begin working your way back up the set again as a number two.


Perhaps we can freshen up the dance with some more exciting and novel moves.
The name stands: The Potato Harvest.  And Sheena Hilleary’s tune.
We can stick with Jig timing or we can use Reel timing.
Any suggestions for jazzing up any of the moves will be welcome.


A bountiful potato harvest
A bountiful potato harvest
Sunrise Over Munlochy Bay
Sunrise Over Munlochy Bay
Global Warming
Global Warming
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